After a bit of a hiatus, I continued with Slovakia - Europe's ping-pong ball. For a chunk of interesting information, Slovakia is the world's largest per-capita car producer, and it also exports a surprising amount of video displays, but relies mostly on the tertiary sector for its GDP. Bratislava - Slovakia's capital - is the third richest region of the European Union (after Hamburg and Luxembourg City). Looking at this country's political history, it's clear that they would end up »

Marshall Islands

Oh gosh, my cooking adventure continues, with Marshall Islands! It's a collection of atolls in the Pacific Ocean, with just over 50k citizens. It's a republic in free association with the USA, and the place you've probably heard of when it comes to devastating nuclear test sites... Wikipedia has gifted me with a fascinating little piece of info: the way the Marshallese used to navigate the atolls was by use of stick charts - basically a 2D construction of bound »


Colombian food! First of all, Colombia is giant, and the culture of the country is very rich, so I tried to choose the representative sample simply by the ingredients I could find in stores in Munich. The first thing, changua, the weird soup. It's basically a milk soup with whole eggs cracked in, eaten with coriander and stale bread, for breakfast. By chance, I met a Colombian couple later in the same day - the girl, from Bogotá, instantly recognized »


I randomed Uzbekistan last week. Uzbekistan is a doubly landlocked (the only one next to Liechtenstein) former Soviet country, whose Wiki page says that it is "officially a democratic (...) republic," but - sadly - that doesn't seem to be the case. Human rights and freedom of the press are suspicious terms when applied to this country. During the Soviet times, the land was heavily used for cotton production, drying out what little water there existed and salinizing the »


The third country I randomed for my cooking experiment was (because I can never seem to get away from it), naturally, Germany. After going through all of the ways this is a bad idea, I obtained help from a native (thank you, Marius Lewerenz :) ) and made two representative (or so he claims) meals. Meat Roulade with Klöße (potato dumplings) and red cabbage, and then Dampfnudeln (sweet dumplings) with vanilla sauce. In conclusion, I was perfectly right when I said German »