Colombian food! First of all, Colombia is giant, and the culture of the country is very rich, so I tried to choose the representative sample simply by the ingredients I could find in stores in Munich.
The first thing, changua, the weird soup. It's basically a milk soup with whole eggs cracked in, eaten with coriander and stale bread, for breakfast. By chance, I met a Colombian couple later in the same day - the girl, from Bogotá, instantly recognized the photo as changua, while the guy, from a different region, didn't even know it by name.
For the two plantain things I luckily had Marius's help, because I totally screwed up on the first go. The first thing is tostones con hogao. Tostones (or patacones) are twice fried plantain slices: you deep fry them, then squish them, and fry again; and hogao is a common sauce. Their version of fries and ketchup, I think. :) The second thing is AWESOME; it's aborrajados - fried plantain cheese sandwiches. Wholeheartedly recommended if you're not scared of heart attacks.
The final part of the adventure was Colombian avena. It's a cold drink of milk, oats, sugar, cinnamon and cloves. It turns out that Colombians appreciate proper calorie-dense food. Not bad, though.
And as a fun fact from my Wikipedia readings: the motto od Colombia is "Libertad y Orden," or "Freedom and Order." Does that sound like Colombia to you? :)

tostones with hogao

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