Marshall Islands

Oh gosh, my cooking adventure continues, with Marshall Islands! It's a collection of atolls in the Pacific Ocean, with just over 50k citizens. It's a republic in free association with the USA, and the place you've probably heard of when it comes to devastating nuclear test sites... Wikipedia has gifted me with a fascinating little piece of info: the way the Marshallese used to navigate the atolls was by use of stick charts - basically a 2D construction of bound sticks that represents the swell wave patterns of the ocean through the atolls. The legends of the charts were non-uniform at best, and it took a skilled and groomed navigator to be able to read them successfully. These things are really cool and you should take a look!
Basically everything related to this country has something to do with coconuts, so the food I made does, too (also, finding the info on food and drinks of such a small country - so small that this website claims that there are exactly 26 restaurants in the capital, Majuro - was not an easy task). I almost broke several knives opening a pre-shelled coconut to try coconut water, I made spicy prawns with coconut rice balls and grilled pineapple, and baked papaya with coconut cream. Enough coconut already. ;___;
coconut water
spicy prawns with coconut rice and grilled pineapple
baked papaya with coconut cream

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